What the Shape of Our Cells Says About Our Health and Disease: Using Ai-Powered Single Cell Morphology Analysis to Describe the States of Cancer

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Professor Chris Bakal

Professor of Cancer Morphodynamics Imperial College London

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The genomics era has generated unprecedented biological insights. However, we still have a poor understanding of how the interaction of genes with each other, and their environment, lead to different cellular fates. Discover how Chris and his team are building predictive frameworks using detailed ‘omics data to describe how the shape of cells interacts with genes to determine cell fate, and how this could be used in therapeutics and bioengineering.

This presentation was recorded as part of the 4th virtual edition of the Leica Microsystems “See the Hidden” Workshop Series, hosted by Microscopy Focus. In collaboration with Imperial College London (ICL) and the Imperial College Network of Excellence in Cancer Technology, this joint event showcased how a multidisciplinary research approach is creating innovative new ideas for the detection, prevention, and ultimately the treatment of cancer.

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