See the Hidden: Spatial Biology II

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Dr. Boris Zarda

Advanced Workflow Manager
Leica Microsystems

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Dr. David Pointu

Senior Application Manager
Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Falco Krüger

Manager Advanced Workflow Specialist
Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Nicolas Mouchet

Platform Manager
H2P2 BIOSIT Université Rennes

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Dr. Tom Pettini

Research Associate
University of Cambridge

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Dr. Luis Alvarez

Application Manager Life Science Research
Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Franco Klingberg, MBA

Market Development Manager for Aivia
Leica Microsystems

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In this next virtual edition of our See the Hidden Workshop series, we will continue to explore the topic of Spatial Biology, which we started to examine earlier this year.

In Spatial Biology Part II, join us as we investigate spatial mapping of single cells within context, focusing on the tissue microenvironment, as well as techniques to analyze variability in spatial single-cell RNA and protein expression. These approaches can lead to a deeper understanding of how individual cell behaviors, and spatial organization, contribute to larger biological pathways.

New imaging technologies and methods that leverage fluorescence multiplexing to address spatial cell biology will be discussed, offering powerful approaches to better understand the molecular and cellular processes underpinning developmental biology and tissue pathology.

This exciting online event, with live guest speakers, will feature a series of scientific talks, panel discussions, and microscopy showcases. Dr. Tom Pettini (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Nicolas Mouchet (University of Rennes) will join Leica microscopy experts to discuss how specialized microscopy approaches contribute to their spatial biology research.

The program will center around four specific areas in microscopy:

  • Multicolor microscopy (multiplexing)
  • Antibody-based hyperplexing
  • Multicolor separation using confocal microscopy
  • TauSTED super-resolution techniques

We look forward to welcoming you as we explore these new frontiers in spatial biology.

13:30 BST | 14:30 CEST
Dr. Boris Zarda

13:35 BST | 14:35 CEST
Introduction to multicolor microscopy
Dr. Boris Zarda

13:40 BST | 14:40 CEST
What if every scientist could access spatial information? Meet Mica
Dr. Falco Krüger & Dr. Franco Klingberg

14:10 BST | 15:10 CEST
Q&A session around multicolor microscopy

14:20 BST | 15:20 CEST
Introduction to antibody-based hyperplexing
Dr. Boris Zarda

14:25 BST | 15:25 CEST
Gaining insight into the distribution of markers in cancer with the Cell DIVE
Dr. Nicolas Mouchet

14:55 BST | 15:55 CEST
Coffee Break

15:05 BST | 16:05 CEST
Cell DIVE: Transforming tissue research with open multiplexing
Dr. David Pointu

15:20 BST | 16:20 CEST
Q&A session around antibody-based hyperplexing

15:30 BST | 16:30 CEST
Introduction to multicolor separation using confocal microscopy
Dr. Boris Zarda

15:35 BST | 16:35 CEST
Multicolor separation and tauSTED super-resolution to count RNA molecules and polymerase convoys
Dr. Tom Pettini

16:05 BST | 17:05 CEST
TauSTED deep imaging in tissue and small animal models
Dr. Luis Alvarez

16:20 BST | 17:20 CEST
Q&A session around multicolor separation using confocal microscopy

16:30 BST | 17:30 CEST
Closing remarks
Dr. Boris Zarda

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