Boris Zarda

Leader of the Advanced Workflow Specialist Team, Life Sciences, EMEA, based in Switzerland

Jen Peter Gabriel

Advanced Workflow Specialist, based in Germany

Marco Meijering

Advanced Workflow Manager, based in the Netherlands

Paul McCormick

Advanced Workflow Manager, based in the United Kingdom

Our new confocal microscopy platform has been designed from the ground up to give you the POWER to see more, the POTENTIAL to discover more and the PRODUCTIVITY to do more.

Join our Advanced Workflow Specialists for a series of three webinars in which they will uncover how STELLARIS will empower your scientific research. In the second webinar, we see the POTENTIAL of STELLARIS.

Get closer to the truth of your confocal images with Paul McCormick. Explore a new dimension in your samples using TauSense with Paul McCormick. Get instant access to lifetime-based information giving additional insights to your experiments.

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