See the Hidden: Spatial Proteomics

Gaining new disease insights through a better understanding of protein subcellular localization

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Dr. Boris Zarda

Advanced Workflow Manager, Leica Microsystems

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Prof. Andreas Mund

Associate Professor, Clinical Proteomics, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research

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Dr. George Galea

Research Scientist, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg

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Dr. Franco Klingberg

Market Development Manager Aivia, Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Christoph Greb

Application Scientist, Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Falco Krüger

Manager Advanced Workflow Specialist, Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Charlotte Stadler

Co-Director Spatial and Single Cell Biology Platform and Head of Spatial Proteomics, SciLifeLab

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Dr. David Pointu

Senior Application Manager, Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Jens Peter Gabriel

Advanced Workflow Specialist, Leica Microsystems

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Join us for this next virtual edition of our See the Hidden workshop series, which will continue to explore the topic of Spatial Biology – this time looking at the spatial localization of proteins.

Together with leading experts, we will examine how a deeper understanding of protein subcellular localization, using advanced microscopy techniques, can shed new insights into diseases such as metabolic disorders and cancer.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • multiplexed imaging methods for spatial proteomics of cells and tissues
  • Deep Visual Proteomics (DVP) for spatial molecular profiling in tissues at single cell resolution
  • novel golgi-nuclear interactions identified following analysis of genome-scale localization data from the Human Protein Atlas
  • advanced microscopy, laser microdissection, and AI-based techniques for studying protein subcellular localization

Through a series of scientific talks, our guest speakers from across Europe will present their research and discuss how specialized microscopy approaches are delivering unique insights into this exciting field. The program will also feature live panel discussions and microscopy showcases that focus on four specific areas in microscopy:

  1. Laser microdissection
  2. Multicolor microscopy (multiplexing)
  3. AI-based image analysis
  4. Confocal microscopy

Don’t miss this exciting event or the chance to ask your questions to the experts and take part in interactive polls to share your experiences and views on Spatial Proteomics.

As a NEW addition to our See the Hidden workshop series in 2023, we are also delighted to offer you the opportunity to see some of the microscopy techniques you will hear about during this event, in more depth, in a short virtual follow-up workshop.

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