See the Hidden – Artificial Intelligence in Microscopy

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Dr. Luciano Lucas

Director Leica Aivia Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Peter Engerer

Product Manager Software Leica Microsystems

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Dr. Patrice Mascalchi

EMEA Sales Application Specialist Aivia

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Introduction to AI for Microscopists: all you need to know

Machine and deep learning technologies already play a major role in everyday life – think Alexa, Tesla’s Autopilot, Spotify, Amazon or YouTube. In the last 3 years, microscopists have started to use “AI based” solutions for image acquisition optimization (smart microscopy), object classification, image classification, segmentation, restoration, super resolution and virtual staining. In this talk we focus on the basic concepts of machine learning for microscopy applications and image analysis. We will discuss the key terminology often used by AI specialists that can be hard to decipher for non-experts in that space.

A powerful combination for live-cell imaging: STELLARIS confocal microscope platform meets artificial intelligence

Confocal imaging is the gold standard for high-resolution 3D imaging of live cells. While historically many innovations have focused on advances in hardware components, imaging improvements by software means are gaining more traction. I will give a preview to a novel denoising technique for live-cell experiments, which uniquely combines classical image processing with AI.

Aivia, the future of AI microscopy

Aivia is the most complete, AI-powered, image visualization and analysis platform available today.

With AI at its core, Aivia bridges the gap between biology and computer science to provide AI access to all and a radically simplified segmentation process to all. Using Aivia, biologists can easily extract insights from large and highly complex images in just minutes.

Aivia covers nearly all applications and is available locally or on the web, giving you total freedom on a single platform. Live demonstrations with the software will be performed during the workshop.

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