Regulators of Actin Cytoskeletal Regulation and Cell Migration in Human NK Cells

Emily M. Mace , Ph.D.

Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, New York

Human NK cells are innate immune effector cells that are critical for antiviral and antitumor responses. They exert their critical functions through the formation of an immunological synapse, a structured signaling platform that directs secretion of cytotoxic granules towards susceptible target cells. Actin remodeling is integral to both immune synapse formation and NK cell migration within complex microenvironments. Dr. Mace will describe new advances in our understanding of the regulation of human NK cell actin cytoskeletal remodeling in cell migration and immune synapse formation derived from confocal and super-resolution microscopy.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand how dysregulation of actin remodeling leads to impaired NK cell migration
• Understand how dysregulation of actin remodeling leads to impaired NK cell immune synapse formation

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