Live Imaging Across Scales and Time

The STELLARIS confocal platform of microscopes from Leica Microsystems enables you to harness the full potential of live cell imaging so that you can capture and visualize dynamic processes in living samples across scales and time with exceptional detail.

This practical guide walks you through a range of techniques and highlights key considerations when choosing the imaging system to meet your needs.

What’s inside:

  • How to choose the appropriate imaging technology—each technique has its own strengths, and making the right choice depends on the nature of your sample and the biological question. The guide covers:
  • Laser scanning confocal and multiphoton microscopy
  • Light sheet microscopy
  • Nanoscopy
  • Tools for lifetime-based fluorescence imaging
  • Fluorescence labeling considerations—including new, less invasive, more physiological labeling strategies.
  • Considerations for cell viability and physiological environments that will keep your samples healthy throughout the experiment.

Explore the incredible possibilities of live cell imaging with the STELLARIS platform.

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