Cellular Crosstalk in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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Prof. Dr. Silvia Cappello

Associate Professor, Department of Physiological Genomics, Biomedical Center, LMU Munich

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Deepen your understanding of the causes of neurodevelopmental disorders and explore the latest microscopy- and mutation-based methods to study extracellular mechanisms essential for human brain development.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How combining in vivo mouse models and in vitro human-derived neurons, cerebral organoids, and assembloids sheds light on the causes of neurodevelopmental disorders
  • The molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in ventral progenitor proliferation and fate
  • The migration and maturation of inhibitory neurons during human brain development
  • Cellular crosstalk is an essential process during brain development and is influenced by numerous factors, including the morphology of the cells, their adhesion molecules, the local extracellular matrix, and the secreted vesicles.

Inspired by mutations associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, Prof. Dr. Silvia Cappello’s group at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich aims to understand the role of extracellular mechanisms essential for the correct development of the human brain.

Their research focuses on intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms contributing to the formation of the brain by examining mutations in genes influencing cell-cell contacts, the extracellular matrix, and the secretion of vesicles.

In this webinar, Silvia will present the latest research that makes an important contribution to our understanding of cell non-autonomous mechanisms in the development of neurodevelopmental disorders.

She will also show how imaging workflows, using the Mica Imaging Microhub alongside confocal and super-resolution systems, support the group’s research.

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