Breaking the Ice: Freeze Fracture for Cryo SEM

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Frédéric Leroux

Advanced Workflow Manager, Leica Microsystems

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Roland Fleck

Director of the Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging, King’s College, London

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Benjamin Palmer

Assistant Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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Freeze fracture is a powerful technique allowing researchers to study the internal structures of cells and tissues at the nanoscale level. It involves freezing a sample at ultra-low temperatures and then fracturing it to reveal the internal structures. These structures can be imaged without dehydration or distortion using cryo-SEM, providing high-resolution images with great clarity.

Join this webinar to hear how scientists use the freeze fracture and cryo-SEM workflow to answer their research questions, sharing their exciting application examples in cell biology.

A panel discussion will follow the presentations, where the experts will answer questions from the audience.

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