A Novel Human Brain Organoid Model to Study Microglia Phenotypes in Health and Disease

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Simon T. Schäfer

Assistant Professor, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

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See how researchers at the Technical University of Munich are advancing novel stem cell-based technologies in order to generate three-dimensional (3D) models that recapitulate the structural and functional organization of the human brain. These technologies are being used to push the boundaries for personalized research on human-specific brain disorders and to identify strategies for facilitating brain repair.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How novel organoid models enable research into areas that were historically difficult to study
  • The different types of functional human microglia phenotypes and their impact on brain health
  • Techniques to model interactions between the human brain environment and microglia

Microglia are specialized brain-resident immune cells that play crucial roles in brain development, homeostasis, and disease. However, until now, the ability to model interactions between the human brain environment and microglia has been severely limited.

In this webinar, Professor Simon T. Schäfer will present how a novel organoid model enables his group to investigate functional human microglia phenotypes under physiological and pathological conditions—which is a critical next step for modeling human brain environment-dependent microglia phenotypes in health and disease.

Many of the images that will be presented in this webinar were acquired using the THUNDER Imager Live Cell & 3D Assay from Leica Microsystems.

Banner image: Brain organoid section (stained with DAPI) acquired using the Leica THUNDER Imager. Image courtesy of Janina Kaspar and Irene Santisteban, Schäfer Lab, TUM.

Photo credit: Technical University of Munich (TUM).

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